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Vintage Analog Synthesizers

EVENT IN HONOUR OF ROBERT MOOG (17th June 2004 – SGAE, Barcelona)

The 50th anniversary celebrations of the birth of the MOOG brand took place in the main rooms of the SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores) in Madrid and Barcelona on the 15th and 17th June respectively. They were organised by Sonomarket, the current Spanish MOOG importer.

SETEM are preparing a short film of the event that was celebrated in Barcelona. Those interested in a DVD copy should get in contact with us.

Here attached is a brief trailer in Windows Media format. Click on the image to view or download (1.5 MB size).




If you are interested in a free(*) DVD copy write an email to mail@setem.es showing clearly your contact details.

(*)You must pay for postage and packing.


Vintage Analog Synthesizers

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