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Digital mixer modification (Yamaha/Sony)

Modifications and installation of accessories

We install and distribute products (accessories and modifications) from the German company A-S, which are principally for adding features to digital mixing desks from brands such as YAMAHA and SONY.



PRICE (Euros)(*)...

CD8SDIF2 Standard card for 02R, 03D. Format SDIF2 Sony digital Interface (Dash etc) 8 in/out 24Bit. 02R/03D 388,58
CD8MYAT Standard card for 02R, 03D. Acts as an extension card for the Yamaha MY8AT. This allows the use of a 24Bit ADAT interface for these desks. (The MY8AT is included). 02R/03D 436,36
SP-02 Soundware Surround Controller for 02R. 02R 2040,05
02RFADER Penny & Giles Fader Kit for the 02R Module kpl. 02R 3579,04
PP02R Additional Phantom power module for channels 9-16 of the 02R. 02R 323,92
03DASIN AES/EBU digitising of 8 analog inputs including sample rate converter fir the 03D. The inputs can be set in pairs, between analog and digital. 03D 1124,84
03DPEGEL Level adjuster for AUX Send, 1-4 Buss 1-4, Stereo Summe, Control Room Monitor. level +6dBu, 9dB FS Headroom. 03D 63,91
02RPEGEL Level adjuster for AUX Send 1-6 Stereo Summe, Control Room Monitor; Studio Monitor, +6dB Nivel de potencia. 9dB FS Headroom. 02R 63,91
02RASIN Adds digital format (AES/EBU) to stereo channels 17-24. Includes Sample Rate Converter. 02R 1124,84
02RIN Adds digital format (AES/EBU) to stereo input channels 17-24. 02R 715,81
03DAUXBUS Adds digital format (AES/EBU) to outputs AUX 1-4 and Buss 1-4. 03D 613,55
02RAUX Adds digital format (AES/EBU) to outputs AUX SEND 1-6. 02R 511,29
02RAPEAK Analog output for Peakmeter and Correlator, before the monitoring matrix (Symmetric +6dB). 02R 255,65
02RTALK2 Microphone input for director (second Talkback) for the 02R. 02R 1124,84
02RALTSP Alternative monitor output. Symmetric +6dB. 02R 766,94
02RBR3 Patch bay 1U 19”. Provides 4 in (XLR) and 3 out (XLR), 5m cable with SUB-D connector for Aux Send & stereo digital inputs (mod. 02RAUX, 02RIN). 02R 201,96
03DDPEAK Digital output AES/EBU for Peakmeter. 03D 306,78
02RDPEAK Digital output AES/EBU for Peakmeter. 02R 306,78
TG77IF AES/EBU interface card & Y1/Y2 with external sync. TG77 510,02
SY77IF AES/EBU or SPDIF interface card & Y1/ with external sync for SY77/99. SY77 510,02
VL1IF AES/EBU or SPDIF interface with external sync. VL1 563,70

(*) IVA not Included.