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Services R+D Clients

A brief chronology of some of our more notable R&D projects and clients

1989 Client: Engineers “GIBBS&HILL”. Project: MIDI conversion unit to a digital format for a water and light source.
1989 Client: “Barcelona local government”. Project: Automation of the sonic sculptures in the Palau de la Virreina.
1989 Client: Dance group “Ballet Contemporani de Barcelona”. Project: pressure sensitive theatre stage for triggering audio samples.
1992 Client: Theatre group “La Fura dels Baus”. Project: Automation for the show “NOUM”.
1993 Client: Engineers “JGB” Project: automation for the Cartuja ’93 exhibition.
1994 Client: Broadcaster “Radio Segovia”. Project: software for the manual control and programming of the AKAI DM3200 audio matrix.
1994 Client: Engineers “Auprosa”. Project: Control and alarm system for 56 audio power stages in the theme park Port Aventura.
1995 Client: Engineers “EARPRO”. Project: audio commutation Matrix with VCA.
1996 Client: Engineers “LEXON”. Project: audio commutation Matrix with 128x128 in/out bal. control via RS232.
1997 Client: Engineers “LEXON”. Project: Stereo audio commutation Matrix 8x8 with control panel.
1998 Client: Engineers “Auprosa”. Project: software for the automatic control of the cromotherapy room at the ladies gym Iradier.
2002 Client: “YAMAHA HAZEN”. Project: fade-in, fade-out control for the Yamaha PM1D desk via a “tally” signal.